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Gloria Jean has been a leader in gourmet flavored and non-flavored coffees for over 25 years. You can purchase their coffees in stores or on-line. Once you have tasted Gloria Jean’s coffees and teas you will want more!

Gloria Jeans coffee likes to compare your appreciation for coffee to that of wine. They believe the more you know, the more you will appreciate the drink. There are four things to consider when you are drinking coffee; the acidity, the aroma, the body, and the taste.

Acidity is the first characteristic to consider. Many people confuse acidity with bitterness. Acidity is more like a snap that you feel around the edges of your tongue and also at the back of your mouth. Acidity could be described as sharp, medium, flat, or dull.

The next characteristic of the coffee to consider would be the smell. Most people love waking up to the smell of coffee brewing. Gloria Jean’s offers a wide variety of specialty coffees. Each of these coffees gives off a different aroma for you to choose from.

Another characteristic of coffee is the body of the coffee. This is how the coffee feels in your mouth. This is determined by the weight of the coffee. If it has a heavier weight it would be referred to as a full bodied coffee.

The final characteristic would be the taste. How the coffee tastes to you, this is something that everyone considers. This is where the flavor of the coffee plays a key role in your decision of coffee. Gloria Jean’s has many flavors to choose from.

There are currently over 100 stores in approximately 23 states across the United States. If you are located somewhere that you are close to a Gloria Jeans then you have probably tasted this superior coffee. If you do not live in close proximity to one you could order the gourmet coffee on-line. You can now even purchase some flavors of Gloria Jean’s coffees at your local grocery stores. If you do this you may want to look for coffee coupons to save a little before you head to the store.